The Torres formed during the early 60's on the "Plains of the Dakotas".  This was the era of the "roadhouse and dance hall" and The Torres quickly became an Upper Midwest favorite, playing all the prime venues.  The group was known for the variety of musical genres they covered.  They moved seamlessly from the Rascals to the Beatles...from the Temptations to the Byrds. Their hallmark was tight vocal harmonies, coupled with strong performances and musicianship.   They "charted" numerous times with their "vinyl" releases during that period. The group disbanded at the end of the 60's.

In 2004 The Torres began to "put the band back together".  Today, original members are back with this vocally and musically strong group, and they have played performances throughout the United States. They pride themselves as being the "Sixties Garage Band Grown Up"!, playing music from the "sweet-spot" of rock..."The 60's and early 70's". 

In 2011 The Torres were Inducted into The South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2012 they released a live CD..."The Torres - Live... Back from the Sixties" on Blue Edge Records. In 2013 they celebrated their 50th Anniversary and 2014 started their second 1/2 Century of "Rock and Roll"!  The Torres have become a "band in demand" for "significant" high school  and college reunions, because of their unique ability to bring an authentic, "been there/lived it" sound and experience to the event. They continue to expand their repertoire and 2019 will bring additional studio, club and reunion work, on a national basis. They show no signs of letting up!

"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing"
          ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~